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  1. UK House Price Index

  2. Consultation on draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017

    • HM Land Registry
    • Consultation outcome
  3. UK House Price Index: data downloads February 2018

  4. UK House Price Index Summary: February 2018

  5. UK House Price Index Scotland: February 2018

  6. UK House Price Index Wales: February 2018

  7. UK House Price Index England: February 2018

  8. Upgrading the class of title (PG42)

  9. Land Registration Rules 2003

    • HM Land Registry
    • Statutory guidance
  10. Lost or destroyed deeds: statement of truth (ST3)

  11. Notice: cancellation (CN1)

  12. Notices under the Land Registration Rules 2003 and directions made under the Land Registration Act 2002

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  13. Investigation or enforcement proceedings (court, insolvency, tax) (CIT)

  14. Statements of truth (PG73)

  15. Franchises: registration under the Land Registration Act 2002 (PG18)

  16. Development schemes (PG72)

  17. Amending deeds that effect dispositions of registered land (PG68)

  18. Return and rejection of applications for registration (PG49)

  19. Overriding interests that lost automatic protection in 2013 (PG66)

  20. Corporate insolvency (PG35)

  21. Registration of mines and minerals (PG65)

  22. Devolution on the death of a registered proprietor (PG6)

  23. Cautions against first registration (PG3)

  24. Easements claimed by prescription (PG52)

  25. Investigation or enforcement proceedings (court, insolvency, tax): applications (PG43)

  26. Transfers of public housing estates (PG47)

  27. Personal insolvency (PG34)

  28. Rectification and indemnity (PG39)

  29. Approval of mortgage documentation (PG30)

  30. Inspection and application for official copies (PG11)

  31. Execution of deeds (PG8)

  32. Private trusts of land (PG24)

  33. Notices, restrictions and protection of third-party interests (PG19)

  34. Official searches (PG12)

  35. Applications under the Family Law Act 1996 (PG20)

  36. Profits a prendre (taking natural resources from another's land) (PG16)

  37. Quality assurance of administrative data in the UK House Price Index

    • HM Land Registry
    • Official Statistics
  38. HM Land Registry service standards

    • HM Land Registry
    • Guidance
  39. Price Paid Data

  40. Developing estates: registration services - approval of draft transfers and leases (PG41s3)