Communications and information systems support to joint operations (JDP 6-00)

Provides guidance for the planning and execution of communications and information systems (CIS) support to Joint operations.



This edition of the Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 6-00 builds upon previous editions and includes updated processes and procedures developed for the ongoing evolution of CIS.

Change 1 comprised the rewriting of chapters 3 and 4, providing new and updated doctrine on:

  • the nature and character of information flow on joint operations
  • the information services planning process
  • the requirement for the commander to articulate his information needs
  • the information exchange requirement process to translate the commander’s information needs (the ends) through the development of an appropriate architecture of core services and applications (the ways) that can then be delivered by information and communication services (the means)
  • the information services support to the conduct of operations during the deploy, operate and recover phases

While the publication is based on the deployment of a Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTFHQ), it is equally valid under other operational constructs and different scales of operation. The general principles can and should be adapted to meet the needs of specific operations.

Published 1 January 2008