UK joint operations doctrine (JDP 01)

Provides guidance to a joint force command on military operations.



Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 01, UK Joint Operations Doctrine, introduces NATO operational level doctrine and national context. It is for use by a UK JFC and their staff. JDP 01 does not duplicate information contained within allied joint operational level doctrine; instead, it will reference the appropriate NATO publication.

JDP 01 also closes the gap in those planning and operations doctrine areas which are not fully addressed in existing NATO publications, or where we have a unique and relevant doctrinal or philosophical approach which must be retained.

It provides the strategic context for national and coalition operations, explaining: how our national military instrument works alongside other levers of national power in pursuit of policy objectives; our structures and processes for formulating strategy and for crisis management; and any differences between UK and NATO processes.

Published 21 December 2012
Last updated 19 December 2014 + show all updates
  1. Added JDP 01: UK Joint Operations Doctrine in place of the the previous Campaigning document.
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