Defence engagement (JDN 1/15)

Describes how we use, plan, direct and deliver defence engagement activities to achieve objectives.



Defence engagement is about influence. Our ability to influence is dependent upon the credibility of our defence. This credibility is based on highly effective fighting power which establishes and maintains our reputation as a partner of choice.

Defence engagement allows the military (alongside other instruments of national power) to play a part in shaping the environment, promote the rules based international order and prevent instability insupport of the UK’s security and prosperity.

Joint Doctrine Note (JDN) 1/15, Defence engagement has been written to: help readers to understand the frameworks, actors, activities, strategies, and planning processes that currently underpin defence engagement and, stimulate debate, across a joint audience, on the requirements and challenges of delivering effective defence engagement.

Based on the 2010 National Security Strategy (NSS) and Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), it is informed by the Defence Joint Operating Concept and other policy developments. It is being published prior to the 2015 SDSR because it is consistent with our expectations of the outcome, and there is a clear need to set out our approach to the practice of defence engagement.

Published 28 August 2015
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