Disaster relief operations (JDP 3-52)

Provides guidance for planning and conducting military support to humanitarian relief efforts overseas.



Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 3-52 describes operations by forces generated specifically to support disaster relief efforts. Disaster relief operations are inherently multi-agency, and often multinational, operations that are undertaken as part of an integrated approach; hence JDP 3-52 has been produced in cooperation with other government departments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

Humanitarian crises and disasters (both natural and man-made), if not addressed rapidly and effectively, can deteriorate quickly with sometimes significant repercussions.

Nations least able to withstand the effects of natural disaster, or at greatest risk to man made disaster, are frequently among those that are most susceptible to political instability, civil disorder and unrest. Whilst the moral imperative to contribute to humanitarian relief will be paramount, there may also be other UK interest in intervening.

Published 21 December 2012
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