Allied joint doctrine for non-combatant evacuation operations (AJP-3.4.2)

This Allied Joint Publication provides allied joint doctrine for planning and conducting non-combatant evacuation operations (NEOs) throughout the range of military operations.



Non-combatant evacuation operations (NEOs) are usually limited, rapid, small scale operations. The main characteristic of a NEO is urgency, which can result in hasty planning and execution with limited opportunity to establish or modify memorandum of understanding or Status of Forces Agreements.

The successful conduct of a NEO requires that diplomatic and military elements work as a team. The safe and orderly evacuation of non-combatants largely depends on the joint force commander’s ability to coordinate the operation with the heads of missions and supporting NATO military commands. AJP-3.4.2 has been developed for a NATO-led operation. However, this publication also provides guidance to NATO nations on how to plan and execute a NEO.

Published 6 July 2017