Intelligence, Counter-intelligence and Security Support to Joint Operations (JDP 2-00)

Joint Doctrine Publication 2-00 describes the core functions of intelligence, the intelligence cycle, and how intelligence activities provide support to joint operations.



Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 2-00, Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence and Security Support to Joint Operations (Fourth Edition), reinforces the enduring cross-governmental nature of intelligence and the need to instil a spirit of collaboration, including with partners and allies, in an interdepartmental and inter-agency context.

To support this approach, commanders at all levels require accurate and timely intelligence and understanding to inform their decision-making. They must also know and understand their own role and that of their staff in developing and delivering it.

Who should read this publication

JDP 2-00 is written with the following audiences in mind.

Firstly, it provides the opportunity for commanders at all levels to gain an understanding of the value of intelligence and the intelligence process.

Secondly, it provides a reference document for MOD intelligence specialists (both civilian and military) on which subordinate documents can be based.

Finally, it provides external readers with an explanation of MOD intelligence functions.

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Note: A full list of related publications can be found under ‘references’ in the JDP 2-00 publication.

Published 1 August 2011
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