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Homes and Communities Agency register of interests

Register of interests for the members of the Homes and Communities Agency board, committees and management team.

Published 10 January 2014
Last updated 14 February 2018 + show all updates
  1. Removed Julian Ashby
  2. Updated Chair's register of interest details.
  3. Removed reference to Ann Limb.
  4. Added appointment to Richard Blakeway's ROI.
  5. Removed reference to Anthony Preiskel
  6. Removed reference to Colin Molton.
  7. Liz Butler register of Interests added (29 September 2017).
  8. Removed Niall Mills as no longer a board member.
  9. Added new board members register of interests.
  10. Amended Sir Edward Lister's declaration of interests.
  11. Updated Sir Edward Lister's entry
  12. Updated with Sir Edward Lister's register of interests
  13. Added Simon Dow ROI
  14. Removed Piers Williamson
  15. Changed details of another member.
  16. Added new member, Simon Dow.
  17. Added a new register of interest - Simon Dow
  18. Updated March 2016
  19. Registers updated.
  20. Registers updated.
  21. Interest registers updated
  22. Robert Napier entry updated
  23. Ian Robertson entry updated.
  24. Registers of interest updated
  25. First published.