Using the Homes England Land Hub

The Land Hub is an interactive map that features sites we intend to sell within the next 6 months.

Applies to England

How to use the Land Hub

You can search for a specific location on the Land Hub by clicking the coloured locator on the map or by selecting it from the list on the left. You can also search by location and filter the results to see if there are any sites nearby.

When you find a site you’re interested in, you can view its boundaries on the map (in red) as well as its size and planning status.

The Land Hub also features a local infrastructure map, which shows you schools, GPs, retail units and roads in the area, along with the distance to the nearest one.

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Interactive 360 site imagery

The Land Hub has an interactive 360 imagery feature that allows you to view sites in more detail. We’re continuing to improve this feature and some of our sites may not have images yet as we’re still collecting them.

If you want to see a different part of the site, you can use the image reel at the bottom of the page to select a different position within the boundary (note that this option may only be available for larger sites).

How we add sites to the Land Hub

We review site details to make sure they are correct and up to date. We do this by:

  • communicating with our local partners
  • communicating with potential buyers
  • doing more research
  • analysing the options available to us

What sites we include in the Land Hub

Our portfolio includes sites with potential for housing, commercial development and investment opportunities. It also includes:

  • public open spaces (residuary liabilities)
  • structural landscaping
  • woodland
  • infrastructure (such as roads or watercourses)

Some of these sites have limited potential use (for example, grass verges), while others may be used for sustainable energy generation.

We’re currently transferring many of these sites to local authorities, trusts and other organisations, including:

  • hard infrastructures (such as roads and footpaths)
  • small residual holdings in a number of former new towns
  • open space (including in former coalfield communities)

Due to the nature of these sites, we’ve not included them in the list of sites on the Land Hub.

Contacting the Land Hub Enquiries team

Email the Land Enquiries team if you’re interested in a site or have questions. Include the site reference number in the subject heading, as this will help us respond to your emails more promptly.

Published 4 April 2023