Future force concept (JCN 1/17)

JCN 1/17 provides the principal defence level guidance and coherence for all future force development in the strategic headquarters and commands.



Joint Concept Note (JCN) 1/17 is the authoritative, high level, analytical concept, it aims to shape the design and development of the future force to 2035 and beyond. It is aimed at those involved in policy and strategy formulation; by military capability and acquisition staff; by operational commanders and their staff; by staff and students at the staff colleges. and by all those, including allies and partners, interested in the development of the future force.

Endorsed by the Vice Chief of Defence Staff and all 4 Chiefs of Staff, it brings together the 4 environmental concepts into a single, joint concept representing an increasingly integrated approach to the development of the future force. At its heart is the idea that our current doctrine of joint action, and therefore the centrality of influence, has enduring value, but that we need to enhance it by exploiting information better, being more integrated as a force and more adaptable to changing circumstances.

Published 7 September 2017