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Aviation security

The government is responsible for managing the risks to passengers, workers and cargo in airports and during transit.

We’re developing an integrated approach for aviation and border security involving the Home Office, the Department for Transport and UK Visas and Immigration. This will help us to co-ordinate systems and processes more effectively across the range of organisations involved in aviation and border security checks.

We are proposing to move to an outcome focused risk based (OFRB) approach to aviation security. This would give operators the flexibility and responsibility to design security processes. We would introduce a security management system (SeMS) to manage this approach.

Our consultation in July 2011 proposed that the new arrangements should be phased in over 3 years, starting in April 2013.

Security training for the aviation industry

We continue to run mandatory training courses for the aviation industry through:

We require a basic criminal record check for certain roles within the aviation industry.

Security scanners

We’re making changes to pre-departure checks so we can more effectively identify people who pose a terrorist threat and prevent them from flying to or from the UK.

In November 2011, we published the final security scanners code of practice for airports to use. It states that passengers will not be selected to be scanned on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, or destination of travel.

Air cargo

Air cargo originating in the UK must be subject to security checks to ensure that it does not contain prohibited articles such as explosives or anything capable of causing fire. The cargo can be screened using a number of different techniques by a regulated agent or by a known consignor.

We have a list of regulated agents and suppliers and application forms if you wish to be a regulated agent or supplier.

We have information for air carriers wishing to bring cargo or mail into the EU from a third country: ACC3: request for declaration of commitments

We are accepting applications for pre-certification for European Union independent validator status.