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Setting up a National Cyber Crime Unit

GCHQ and the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) work together to develop the skills and technology required to combat the elite cyber crime threat to the UK.

For the most serious national crimes, the NCCU in the National Crime Agency (NCA), leads operations. GCHQ is helping the NCCU develop skills and technology to combat cyber crime threats and more than 3,500 NCA officers have completed digital awareness training. We are also training the police about cyber crime.

We are expanding regional cyber operations so that each of the 9 Regional Organised Crime Units has its own cyber unit. The Metropolitan Police are also enhancing their local cyber capability. Operation FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) has brought together the Metropolitan Police’s fraud squad and the cyber crime unit to disrupt and arrest cyber criminals attacking London businesses.

Many cyber criminals operate outside UK jurisdiction. The NCCU has increased activities overseas to:

  • understand the global cyber crime threat
  • co-ordinate activity against priority threats
  • develop relationships with international partners to support co-operation on prosecutions, including by posting officers overseas, in Europol, the USA and Interpol

Find out how we are building cyber security capacity internationally.