Childcare and early education

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Childminder agencies

Childminder agencies support childminders with training and business advice while providing parents with easier access to high-quality childcare. It is entirely voluntary for childminders to join agencies and for parents to use them.

Agencies cut costs and administrative burdens on individual childminders by matching them with parents, saving them from having to spend time and resources trying to fill their places.

Childminder agencies also bring a number of benefits for parents. They increase choice and make it easier to find help with holiday or sickness cover. Additionally, the agencies will be registered and inspected by Ofsted, so parents can be reassured about their quality.

Advice for anyone interested in establishing a childminder agency is available.

Trial of childminder agencies

Between summer 2013 and spring 2014, around 22 organisations formed trials to test elements of the childminder agency approach.

You can find more information about childminder agencies, including case studies on some of the trials, on the Foundation Years website.