UKCES Futures Programme: overview

A collection of all documents relating to the UK Futures Programme, a series of productivity challenges testing innovative solutions with businesses to identify ‘what works’ in addressing specific workforce development problems.

The introduction page contains more information about the overall programme.

Productivity challenges

For each productivity challenge we have set out our specification of the problem, in the original competition brief, and information about the solutions being tested through multiple projects.

Futures Programme press releases

  1. Finding the hidden innovation in your business
  2. Embracing the National Living Wage: shops and hotels show the way
  3. Universities and small businesses lose out by not working together
  4. Businesses address weak links in supply chain to boost productivity
  5. Employer collaboration, the key to unlocking business potential?
  6. Industry leaders are working together to raise the bar on skills in the offsite construction sector
  7. Productivity boost for small businesses
  8. Innovative manufacturers get government skills boost
  9. Government boost to help low paid workers progress in their careers
  10. New fund launched to boost productivity of small firms
  11. £1 million available to help UK manufacturing firms develop skills to maximise value of innovation
  12. Developing next generation of leaders in UK manufacturing, construction, and legal sectors
  13. £2 million boost to help low-paid retail and hospitality staff
  14. Offsite construction companies take a new approach to tackling skills shortages
  15. £4 million boost for UK management skills
  16. £600,000 boost for off-site skills
  17. Innovation and experimentation - a new approach to transforming skills

Evaluation reports

The aim of the evaluation of the Futures Programme is to learn about what works so that this learning can be applied to future policy and practice. Evaluation outputs will include:

  • Productivity challenge evaluation reports - these bring together learning from all the projects in that challenge
  • Project case studies - support the productivity challenge reports (available on the same page)
  • Thematic reports - these will bring together cross-cutting learning from across all productivity challenges
  1. Evaluation of UK Futures Programme: conclusions and guidance
  2. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: skills for innovation in manufacturing
  3. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: progression pathways in retail and hospitality
  4. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: leadership and entrepreneurship in small firms
  5. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: management and leadership in supply chains
  6. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: offsite construction
  7. UKCES Futures Programme thematic report: collaboration
  8. UKCES Futures Programme thematic report: supply chains
Published 30 April 2014
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