Research and analysis

Evaluation of UK Futures Programme: conclusions and guidance

This final report presents the evaluation of the UK Futures Programme (UKFP), including the learning for policy in the areas covered, plus guidance on implementing such an ‘innovation lab’ type project by other partners.



Productivity growth in the UK is sluggish. Productivity relies on a dynamic economy where good ideas spread rapidly, workers are well matched to jobs, firms can scale up, and where people move into jobs that use their skills. The UK Futures Programme is a novel approach to tackling the causes of low productivity within businesses, offering small scale, public co-investment to employers and industry, to design and test their own solutions.

Over the period April 2014 to July 2016, 32 partnerships tested innovative solutions through five Productivity Challenges, covering areas of improving pay and progression opportunities for low paid workers; enhancing management and leadership through supply chains; and enhancing leadership in small firms through anchor institutions.