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UK Government publications relating to the UK Common Frameworks programme.

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the UK Government is working jointly with the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to ensure a common approach is taken where needed on policy areas where powers are returning / have returned from the EU and which intersect with devolved competence, by developing UK Common Frameworks.

Frameworks are being developed in line with the principles for common frameworks agreed at the Joint Ministerial Committee (EU Negotiations) JMC in October 2017 between the UK Government and Scottish and Welsh Governments. Following the formation of the Northern Ireland Executive, its Executive Committee endorsed the JMC(EN) Common Frameworks principles on 15 June 2020.

At UK Government level, the UK Common Framework Programme is led by Minister for Constitution and Devolution Chloe Smith and coordinated by the Cabinet Office. Individual Common Frameworks are developed by policy departments across the UK Government together with their devolved administration counterparts. Once a UK Common Framework has undergone initial joint UKG-DA policy development, it is provisionally approved by the relevant UK Government and devolved administration Portfolio Minister, and later by the JMC(EN) Ministers. Since the end of the transition period most UK Common Frameworks have been operating on an interim basis across the UK at official level which reflects established ways of working between the administrations. This arrangement will remain in place until a Common Framework receives full JMC (EN) confirmation. Upon reaching provisional framework status, each provisional Common Framework is shared with legislatures and will be published below. Later, once parliamentary scrutiny is complete, further development may take place and each Common Framework will be approved by portfolio and JMC(EN) Ministers once again. This Common Framework will be published below.

European Union (Withdrawal) Act and Common Frameworks Reports

Frameworks Analysis

Frameworks Updates

Published UK Common Frameworks

The below Common Frameworks have been approved by UK Government and devolved administration JMC(EN) and Portfolio Ministers after having undergone parliamentary scrutiny. These frameworks may continue to be developed and links updated as future versions are jointly cleared by UK Government and devolved administration Ministers.

UK Common Frameworks - 2020 Provisional Frameworks

The below provisional Common Frameworks have been approved by UK Government and devolved administration JMC(EN) and Portfolio Ministers. These provisional frameworks are undergoing parliamentary scrutiny and final development prior to final Ministerial clearance.

UK Common Frameworks - 2021 Provisional Frameworks

The following provisional Common Framework documents were submitted for formal JMC(EN) provisional approval at the end of 2020 and as such represent the policy position from the end of 2020. The current versions are being shared in the interest of transparency. Further policy development continues, in particular with regards to the need to satisfactorily address various cross-cutting issues such as the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the UK Internal Market Act. Once completed the provisional frameworks will be submitted to legislatures to allow for formal parliamentary scrutiny, and links updated.

Published 22 December 2020
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  1. Addition of 'The European Union (Withdrawal) Act and Common Frameworks: 26 December 2020 to 25 March 2021'.

  2. Updated to include the following: 'Organs, Tissues and Cells, (apart from embryos and gametes): Provisional Common Framework', 'The Blood Safety and Quality Provisional Common Framework' and 'Food compositional standards and labelling: provisional common framework'.

  3. Updated to include "Public Procurement: Provisional Common Framework".

  4. Updated to included latest European Union (Withdrawal) Act and Common Frameworks statutory report.

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