Transport appraisal and modelling tools

Tools available to assist with appraisal and modelling of transport.


The Department for Transport (DfT) undertakes the following work to ensure that decisions made on transport policy take the best possible advice into account by:

  • forecasting growth in transport use
  • assessing the impact of transport using in-house strategic models
  • developing and supporting appropriate methods for impacts of transport improvements
  • setting the framework, producing and supporting software for assessing whether transport schemes are value for money
  • developing and implementing the department’s evaluation strategy

Research and development of guidance

The department has a programme of research work on modelling, appraisal and evaluation. This work aims to support the continuing development of the new approach to appraisal by improving our advice on transport modelling and economic appraisal.

To ensure effective transport systems, decisions and policies made by government and the transport sector are based on analysis, appraisal, evaluation, modelling, and research. Resources available include:

The National Transport Model

The National Transport Model (NTM) provides a systematic means of comparing the national consequences of alternative national transport policies or widely-applied local transport policies. These policies can be compared against a range of background scenarios which take into account major factors affecting future patterns of travel. DfT produced these traffic forecasts using the National Transport Model:

Documents and downloads

To support transport business case development, the department has produced a suite of tools to enable the appraisal of transport policy and interventions. The purpose of these tools is to ensure a consistent approach in transport appraisal, as well as reducing the cost of carrying out the analysis:

Published 9 October 2012