Trip End Model Presentation Program (TEMPro) download

The TEMPro software, including guidance documents, used for viewing the National Trip End Model (NTEM) information.


TEMPro Version 7.2 setup and documentation


The TEMPro (Trip End Model Presentation Program) software allows users to view the NTEM dataset and provides:

  • forecasts of trip ends
  • associated documentation.

Analysis of the NTEM data may can be made by:

  • geographical area
  • transport mode
  • the travel time of day
  • the purpose of journey
  • years of interest (from 2011 to 2051)
  • the type of trips

Registration and support

Software support issues should be sent to

To register for software updates and datasets email

Published 18 January 2013
Last updated 15 February 2021 + show all updates
  1. Update from program version 7.2b to 7.2c yo correct the registry application programming interface in recent versions of Microsoft Windows 10.

  2. Documents updated. Minor changes to references in text to stay up to date with Microsoft's policy for supporting Windows.

  3. TEMPro Version 7.2b setup and documentation of TEMPro software published.

  4. Updated TEMPro software, guidance and data.

  5. NTEM dataset 7.2 for Wales.

  6. Updated TEMPro software, guidance and data.

  7. First published.