Rural economy - statistical indicators

Statistics, data and research relating to the rural economy.

Indicators of the rural economy

Statistics we use for comparing the differences between rural and urban areas, and their contribution to England’s economy.

  1. Rural business statistics
  2. Rural economic activity statistics
  3. Rural earnings statistics
  4. Rural home working statistics
  5. Rural innovation statistics
  6. Rural investment statistics
  7. Rural productivity and Gross Value Added (GVA) statistics
  8. Rural skills statistics
  9. Rural tourism statistics

Rural economic bulletin

The bulletin is a ‘dashboard’ of indicators designed to provide evidence on the rural economy. The indicators reported on are claimant count, economic activity, redundancies, house prices and business insolvencies.

  1. Rural economic bulletin

Research and other resources

Evidence reports, research and data relating to the rural economy.

  1. Drivers of rural productivity
  2. Rural economy growth review 2011: evidence report
  3. Rural statistics local level data on tourism Gross Value Added (GVA), 2001 to 2010
  4. Rural statistics local level data sets
Published 21 July 2016