Rural living - statistical indicators

Statistics, data and research relating to living in rural areas.

Indicators of rural living

Statistics we use for comparing the differences between rural and urban areas. It includes demography, provision of services, broadband speeds and availability of public transport.

  1. Defining rural areas using the rural urban classification
  2. Rural broadband statistics
  3. Rural crime statistics
  4. Rural education statistics
  5. Rural expenditure statistics
  6. Fuel poverty statistics
  7. Rural health statistics
  8. Rural housing statistics
  9. Rural population and migration statistics
  10. Rural poverty statistics
  11. Rural transport, travel and accessibility statistics

Research and other resources

  1. Economic activity analysis on older people living in rural areas
  2. Rural community broadband fund (RCBF) output indicator
  3. Rural diesel and petrol prices analysis
  4. Rural services statistical series
Published 21 July 2016