Research: Charity Commission

Research on a range of issues affecting charities in England and Wales.

The Charity Commission’s research helps it promote good practice, develop policy and produce guidance for charities.

The reports generally present findings from:

  • surveys, interviews and focus groups with charities
  • consultations with charity sector umbrella and advisory bodies

Research reports

  1. Trust in Charities 2018
  2. Trust and confidence in the Charity Commission 2017
  3. Public trust and confidence in charities 2016
  4. Trust and confidence in the Charity Commission 2015
  5. Public trust and confidence in charities (RS31)
  6. Charities and social investment (RS30)
  7. Birth of a charity (RS29)
  8. Public trust and confidence in charities (RS28)
  9. Impact of the public benefit requirement (RS27)
  10. Consortia for the delivery of public services (RS26)
  11. Public benefit reporting by charities (RS25)
  12. Strength in numbers (RS24)
  13. A breath of fresh air (RS23)
  14. Charities' attitudes towards public benefit requirement (RS22)
  15. Charity reporting and accounting (RS21)
  16. Firm foundations (RS19)
  17. A balancing act (RS18)
  18. Going green: charities and environmental responsibility (RS17)
  19. Charities working in the field of human rights (RS16)
  20. Stand and deliver (RS15)
  21. In their own words (RS14)
  22. Tell it like it is (RS13)
  23. The regeneration game (RS12)
  24. Cause for complaint? (RS11)
  25. Start as you mean to go on (RS10)
  26. Village halls and community centres (RS9)
  27. Transparency and accountability (RS8)
  28. Membership charities (RS7)
  29. Milestones: managing key events (RS6)
  30. Small charities and reserves (RS5)
  31. Collaborative working and mergers (RS4)
  32. Charity reserves (RS3)
  33. Charities and commercial partners (RS2)
  34. Trustee recruitment, selection and induction (RS1)
Published 1 June 2014