Rail statistics

Statistics and data about the national rail system in Great Britain.

Latest rail statistics

  1. Rail factsheet: 2019
  2. Rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays in major cities in England and Wales: 2018
  3. Public attitudes towards train services: 2018

Rail passenger numbers and crowding statistics

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Statistics on the number of passengers travelling by rail into and out of major city centres in England and Wales on a ‘typical’ autumn weekday.

Guidance on current and previous rail passenger numbers and crowding statistics are available.

Rail research

A range of ad-hoc research reports are available below. Further research can be found on the transport social research and evaluation page.

All the social research follows the government social research (GSR) code set out in the Government social research: profession strategy 2015 to 2020.

  1. Experiences of disabled rail passengers
  2. Rail delays and compensation 2018
  3. Public attitudes towards train services: 2015
  4. National Rail Travel Survey – Overview report

Rail factsheets

Rail factsheets provide an overview of key statistics on rail in Great Britain and the context of how rail fits in the wider transport system. These are published annually and collate previously published statistics from a range of sources, including those from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

Previous rail factsheets are available.

  1. Rail factsheet: 2018
  2. Rail factsheet: 2017
  3. Rail factsheets: 2016 (revised)

Rail data tables

Rail data tables are published by the department and collate data about the rail industry, including statistics that are originally published elsewhere.

  1. Rail usage, infrastructure and performance (RAI01)
  2. Rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays (RAI02)
  3. Rail finance (RAI03)
  4. Rail freight (RAI04)
  5. Rail accidents and safety (RAI05)

About the rail statistics data and reports

Rail passenger numbers and crowding statistics published are National Statistics. These statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) and confirmed as National Statistics in July 2013.

Other statistics about the rail industry are published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and other organisations. Therefore, a number of the statistics that appear are originally published elsewhere. In these cases, more recent and more detailed statistics than those published here may be available from the organisation that produces them.

  1. Rail statistics information
  2. Rail statistics: pre-release access
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