Radioactive substances regulation for nuclear sites

Information for licencees under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965.

If you hold a licence under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 you may need a permit if you carry out the activities of:

  • receiving or disposing of radioactive waste
  • keeping or using mobile radioactive apparatus

If you are on a nuclear licensed site as a tenant you may need a permit for the above activities and also for:

  • keeping or using radioactive material

Exempt radioactive substances activities

You may not need a permit for some aspects of radioactive substances activities. See information on radioactive substances regulation for non-nuclear sites - exempt activities.

In practice most of these exemptions will not apply to activities on nuclear sites.

Requirements for a nuclear licensed site

Find information in the regulation of radioactive substances activities on nuclear licensed sites, the Environmental permitting regulations and the government guidance on radioactive substances regulation.

Apply for, change, transfer or surrender a radioactive substances permit

Before you apply read application form RSR part A and its associated guidance. Part F tells you where to send it. To apply for sealed sources use the non-nuclear Part B forms.

Pay for your radioactive substances permit

Charges for permits on nuclear sites are billed on the actual time spent and costs incurred in relation to applications, variations, transfer, surrenders and subsistence of permits. This is explained fully in the charging scheme.

Who to contact about your radioactive substances permit

You can discuss any part your application with the person who sent you the form or the Permit Support Centre:

Telephone: 020 3025 8174 or 020 3025 8207


If you plan to carry out ‘intrusive investigation or other excavation, construction or building work to work out the suitability of any premises for underground disposal of radioactive waste’ please contact the relevant nuclear regulation group. You can talk to this group if you have any regulatory or technical questions.

Nuclear regulation group (north)

Telephone: 020 3025 5873


Nuclear regulation group (south)

Telephone: 020 8474 8298


Parts A and F

Part B (new permits)

If you are applying for a new permit you must also fill in the relevant part B.

Part C (variations)

If you wish to vary your permit you must also fill in part C.

Part D (transfer)

If you wish to transfer your permit to another person, both you and that other person must also fill in part D and both of you must sign the declaration in part F.

Part E (surrender)

If you wish to surrender your permit you must also fill in part E.

How to comply with your radioactive substances permit

  1. Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR): Environmental principles

    • Guidance
  2. RGN RSR 2: regulation of radioactive substances activities on nuclear licensed sites

    • Statutory guidance
  3. RSR: Management arrangements for nuclear sites

    • Guidance
  4. RSR: Principles of optimisation

    • Guidance
  5. Nuclear licensed site: how to comply with your RSR environmental permit

    • Statutory guidance
  6. Discharge of radioactive waste from nuclear sites: setting limits

    • Guidance
  7. Assessment of prospective public doses from authorised discharges

    • Guidance
  8. The decommissioning of nuclear facilities

    • Guidance
  9. Near-surface disposal facilities on land for solid radioactive wastes

    • Statutory guidance
  10. Geological disposal facilities on land for solid radioactive wastes

    • Statutory guidance
Published 31 March 2014
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  1. Revised Nuclear regulation group (north) telephone number to 020 3025 5873.
  2. Link to new document: Advice note for flood and coastal erosion risk management.
  3. New link to joint regulatory guidance on radioactive waste management on the Office for Nuclear Regulation website.
  4. New Nuclear regulation group (south) telephone number: 020 3025 9778.
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