MOD compensation and occupational pension schemes: synopses of causation

Synopses of causation, covering a range of injuries and disorders often seen in service personnel and veterans to support decision making.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has no fault compensation and occupational pension arrangements for the armed forces. An important aspect often affecting pension paid for disorders is the presence or absence of a causal link to service. To ensure fairness, MOD is committed to decision making based on evidence and contemporary medical understanding of the causes of disorders. In support of this aim MOD has commissioned synopses of causation, covering a range of injuries and disorders likely to be seen in service personnel and veterans. Their focus is on what causes a disorder and its likely outcome.

The synopses have a common format, a glossary and are referenced. They were written by medical practitioners independent of MOD and its agencies and validated by external consultants within a relevant field. However, they are not intended as a comprehensive compendium of the literature on the conditions covered.


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Published 9 December 2014