Transport energy and environment statistics

Transport information and statistics on energy and environment.

Statistics on the impact of transport on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions from transport and pollution from transport.

The key published outputs are:

  • statistical tables originally derived for the energy and environment chapter of the annual Transport Statistics Great Britain report
  • factsheets summarising information published elsewhere on transport and climate change
  • survey results of public attitudes towards climate change

Data sources

Most of the data published here is compiled from sources originally published elsewhere but concentrates on data related to transport.

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Transport energy and environment statistics

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Technical information

Most of the tables form Chapter 3 of the annual [Transport Statistics Great Britain] (/government/admin/collections/579898) publication.

One table ENV0401 is a summary table of greenhouse gas emissions from transport and is updated by the end of March each year after the underlying data have been published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Ad-hoc factsheets are published from time to time.

National statistics

Most of the statistics published are derived from National Statistics data. See the notes and definitions document for further information on sources of data.

Pre-release access list

The statistical tables contained within this transport energy and environment release are based on information published elsewhere and pre-release access is not applicable to these statistics.


  1. Transport energy and environment statistics: 2011

    • Official Statistics

Data tables

  1. Fuel Consumption (ENV01)

    • Statistical data set
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions (ENV02)

    • Statistical data set
  3. Pollutants, emissions and noise (ENV03)

    • Statistical data set
  4. Total greenhouse gas emissions from transport (ENV04)

    • Statistical data set