Statistical data set

Energy and environment: data tables (ENV)

Data about fuel consumption, emissions and renewable fuel, produced by Department for Transport.

Fuel Consumption (ENV01)

ENV0101: Petroleum consumption by transport mode and fuel type: United Kingdom (ODS, 19.8KB)

ENV0102: Energy consumption by transport mode and energy source: United Kingdom (ODS, 17.2KB)

ENV0103: Average new car fuel consumption: Great Britain (ODS, 23.5KB)

ENV0104: Average heavy goods vehicle fuel consumption: Great Britain (ODS, 23.3KB)

ENV0105: Petrol and diesel prices and duties in April: United Kingdom (ODS, 13.3KB)

Greenhouse gas emissions (ENV02)

ENV0201: Greenhouse gas emissions by transport mode: United Kingdom (ODS, 31.3KB)

ENV0202: Carbon dioxide emissions by transport mode: United Kingdom (ODS, 31.6KB)

Pollutants, emissions and noise (ENV03)

ENV0301: Air pollutant emissions by transport mode: United Kingdom (ODS, 115KB)

ENV0302: Average emissions from road vehicles in urban conditions: Great Britain (ODS, 14.2KB)

ENV0303: Aircraft noise: population affected by noise around major airports (ODS, 17.6KB)

Renewable fuel (ENV05)

ENV0501: Volume of fuels by fuel type: United Kingdom (ODS, 19.5KB)

ENV0502: Renewable fuels by country of source feedstock (ODS, 26KB)

ENV0503: Greenhouse gas emissions savings from the use of renewable fuels (ODS, 9.97KB)

Electric vehicle charging (ENV06)

ENV0601: Electric vehicle charging devices by local authority (ODS, 31.6KB)

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Transport energy and environment statistics

Published 6 December 2018
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