Road freight: domestic and international statistics

Statistics and data about domestic and international road freight activity.

Department for Transport produces statistics relating to the freight sector within the areas of:

  • road freight
  • roll-on, roll-off international freight

Road freight

Road freight statistics provides information on the domestic and international activity of British and Northern Irish heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). This information is collected by the department’s 3 road freight surveys, the Continuing Survey of Road Goods Transport, Great Britain (CSRGT GB), the Continuing Survey of Road Goods Transport, Northern Ireland (CSRGT NI), and the International Road Haulage Survey (IRHS).

Information about these 3 surveys is available in the notes and definitions document.

Roll-on, roll-off international freight

Roll-on, roll-off international freight statistics provides information on all the main ferry routes between Great Britain and Europe, and the Channel Tunnel. It is based on information supplied by ferry operators and Eurotunnel.

Information about maritime, rail and air freight activity can be found in the appropriate sections of the transport statistics website.

An index sheet of all the road freight statistical tables is available.

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Road freight statistics

Roll-on roll-off international freight statistics

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Technical information

Road freight domestic and international statistics guidance

Links to earlier road freight data, reports and publications, including data from bespoke surveys on the activity of foreign HGVs working in the UK and the activity of light goods vehicles

National statistics

Road freight statistics and roll on, roll off international freight statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as national statistics in July 2009.

In 2014, following changes to the data capture and processing systems used in the production of road freight statistics, the DfT Head of Profession for Statistics wrote to the UK Statistics Authority in September 2014 to request the suspension of national statistics status for road freight statistics. The response from the UK Statistics Authority is available. Road freight underwent re-assessment in July 2016 and the national statistics status was reinstated in December.

The response from the UK Statistics Authority, confirming this status is available.

Both the roll-on, roll-off international freight series now possess national statistics status.

Pre-release access list

The post holders given access to these statistics up to 24 hours prior to release are available in the pre-release access list.

Road freight statistics pre-release access list
Roll-on roll-off international freight statistics pre-release access list

Latest road freight statistics

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  1. Road freight statistics 2010

Data tables

  1. Road freight: statistical tables index
  2. Domestic road freight activity (RFS01)
  3. International road freight activity (RFS02)
  4. Road goods vehicles travelling to Europe (RORO)
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