Charity Commission: regulatory decisions by year

The Charity Commission's regulatory decisions from 2011 to date.

The Commission makes a range of formal decisions, including:

  • whether or not it can register an organisation as a charity
  • making changes to charities’ governing documents
  • opening inquiries into charities

View the Commission’s decisions listed by year.


  1. RSPCA: Official Warning


Charity Commission decisions: 2016

  1. The Temple of the Jedi Order
  2. Families For Survival UK
  3. Living Out
  4. The Sir Thomas Lipton Charity


Charity Commission decisions: 2015

  1. Legal Action
  2. Masjid and Madrasah Al-Tawhid Trust
  3. The Mary Rose Trust
  4. Annuity Helpline
  5. Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity
  6. Steiner Academy Bristol (exempt charity)
  7. Roberts Park (formerly known as Saltaire Park)
  8. Cambridge Target Shooting Association


Charity Commission decisions: 2014

  1. The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)
  2. Revelation Foundation
  3. Full Fact
  4. Independent Press Regulation Trust (IPRT)
  5. TATOC Consumer Helpline
  6. Blackheath Jamia Mosque Trust
  7. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church St Mary of Debre Tsion
  8. JNF Charitable Trust, JNF Educational Trust and KKL Charity Accounts
  9. Preston Down Trust


Charity Commission decisions: 2013

  1. Bury Grammar Schools Charity
  2. The Charity Bank Limited
  3. The Dove Trust
  4. Ellenborough and Netherton Reading and Recreation Room Charity
  5. Eltisley Institute
  6. The Gilstrap Charity
  7. Golden Giving Charitable Trust
  8. Greenwich Islamic Centre
  9. Human Dignity Trust
  10. Kop Hill Climb
  11. The Marriage Foundation
  12. Mile Road Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association
  13. The National Westminster Staff Foundation
  14. Penhurst Retreat Centre Charitable Trust
  15. Recreation Ground, Bath
  16. Trust Property held in connection with the London Spiritual Mission
  17. Westminster Chapel and Manse Trust, London


Charity Commission decisions: 2012

  1. Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
  2. Lady Elizabeth Hastings' Estate Charity and others
  3. Llanfair Waterdine Charities
  4. Message and Information Safety Support
  5. Northwood House
  6. Prayer Book Society
  7. Soteria Network
  8. Upton House Christian Eventide Home


Charity Commission decisions: 2011

  1. Dunsfold Church of England School Trust
  2. Gorran Church School Rooms.
  3. Hesketh Park, Dartford
  4. Hitchin Bridge Club
  5. Khalsa Centre
  6. Land at Failsworth Lower Memorial Park
  7. Levick Trust
  8. Louth Swimming Pool
  9. Lytham Schools
  10. The Orchard
  11. Oughtibridge and District Community Association
  12. Rania Child Development Centre
  13. Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation
  14. Uturn UK
  15. The Way of the Livingness, The Religion of the Soul Trust
Published 3 September 2013