Charity Commission: regulatory decisions by topic

The Charity Commission's regulatory decisions from 2011 to date, listed by topic.

The commission makes a range of formal decisions, including:

  • whether or not it can register an organisation as a charity
  • making changes to charities’ governing documents
  • opening inquiries into charities

View the commission’s decisions listed by the topic(s) they cover.

Charitable status, including public benefit, charity structure, activities and jurisdiction


Poverty and financial hardship

Human rights and conflict resolution, justice and child protection

Efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the voluntary sector

Arts, culture, heritage, science and sport, including local authority issues

Citizenship and community development

Environment, countryside and conservation, including animal welfare

Education, including campaigning and political activity and promoting a particular point of view

Health, including complementary medicine

Charity Commission schemes, orders and other authority

Published 3 September 2013