Charity Commission: significant decisions

Decisions of the Charity Commission which are particularly significant or of wider interest.

These decisions include:

  • acceptance or rejection of applications to register organisations as charities
  • approving changes to charities’ purposes and structure


  1. AITC Foundation
  2. Alexandra Park and Palace
  3. Cambridge Target Shooting Association
  4. Castle Trust
  5. The Charity Bank Limited
  6. Church of Scientology (England and Wales)
  7. Community Server
  8. Concordis International Trust
  9. Countryside Alliance Foundation
  10. Crawley Model Railway Society
  11. Cylch
  12. Druid Network
  13. English PEN
  14. Environment Foundation
  15. Ethnic-English Trust and Ironside Community Trust.
  16. Fine Lady on a White Horse Appeal
  17. Full Fact
  18. General Medical Council
  19. Gnostic Centre
  20. Good News for Israel
  21. Guidestar UK
  22. Hitchin Bridge Club
  23. Independent Press Regulation Trust (IPRT)
  24. Internet Content Rating Association
  25. JNF Charitable Trust, JNF Educational Trust and KKL Charity Accounts
  26. Living in Radiance
  27. Millennium College UK Limited


  1. NFSH Charitable Trust Limited
  2. Odstock Private Care Limited
  3. Recreation Ground, Bath
  4. Recycling In Ottery
  5. Restorative Justice Consortium Limited
  6. Royal National Institute of Blind People
  7. Sacred Hands Spiritual Centre
  8. Shree Vishwakarma Association of the UK
  9. The Temple of the Jedi Order
  10. Trafford Community Leisure Trust and Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust
  11. Wolf Trust
Published 3 September 2013