Get a passport for your child

2. Who can apply

Your child must have British nationality to be eligible for a British passport.

A child passport is valid for 5 years.

Who can apply

You can usually apply for a passport for your child if:

You need to get ‘written consent’ from other people with parental responsibility if:

  • your child’s passport has been lost or stolen - get written consent from the person who signed the application form for their last passport
  • your child has changed their name - get written consent from everyone with parental responsibility

‘Written consent’ is a signed and dated letter from the person saying they agree to your child getting a new passport.

Who signs the form

You need to sign your child’s application form.

If your child is aged 12 to 15 they need to sign the form too.


You must get your form and one of your child’s photos countersigned if any of the following apply:

  • they’re aged 11 or under
  • they’ve never had a British passport before
  • they can’t be recognised from the photo in their old passport
  • their old passport has been lost, stolen or damaged

Children who are 16, or almost 16

Your child must apply for a 10-year adult passport if they’ll be 16 within the next 3 weeks or they’re already over 16. They don’t need parental consent.

Follow the process for renewing an adult passport if they’ve already had a British child passport.

If your child has never had a British passport or they’ve only been included on yours, they must apply for an adult passport.

Your child can use their child passport until it expires, even if they’re over 18.

Get help

Contact the Passport Adviceline if you need help.