Get a passport for your child

4. Documents and photos you must send

Check the guidance notes to find out what documents you need to send - these will also be listed on the form you print out at the end if you apply online.

You must send original documents. Photocopies aren’t accepted, even ‘certified copies’.

Official copies of certificates are accepted.

If your documents aren’t in English or Welsh, you’ll need to send certified translations as well as the originals.

You can’t send laminated documents.

Choose how you want your documents sent back

Your documents will be sent back to you by normal post, but you can pay an extra £3 to get them sent via secure delivery. Choose this service on your application.

Your child’s passport photos

Follow the rules about passport photos and countersigning photos - your application may be delayed if the photos are rejected.

Get help

Contact the Passport Adviceline if you need help.