Bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB)


  1. TB restricted cattle: application for movement licence in England

    Form to apply for a licence to move TB restricted cattle to or from holdings in England.

  2. TB restricted cattle: declare cleansing and disinfection in England

    Form to declare that you've cleansed and disinfected, to restore officially TB free status in England.

  3. Additional CPH for an officially TB free cattle business: application

    Form and conditions to apply for additional County Parish Holding numbers for cattle businesses which are officially TB free.

  4. Approved TB isolation unit: application

    Form and schedule of conditions for the approval of a TB isolation unit.

  5. Approved finishing units for cattle: application

    Forms to register approved finishing units (AFU) for TB restricted cattle in England and Wales.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Bovine TB: how to spot and report the disease
  2. Bovine TB: get your cattle tested in England
  3. Bovine TB testing intervals, 2020
  4. Pre-movement and post-movement TB testing of cattle in Great Britain
  5. Finishing units for cattle: approved premises
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News and communications

  1. Bovine TB: Direction on licensing of badger control operations in Derbyshire
  2. Bovine TB: authorisation for supplementary badger control in 2019
  3. New incentives for farmers to strengthen biosecurity on bovine TB
  4. Bovine TB: authorisation for badger control in 2018
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Research and statistics

  1. Bovine TB epidemiology and surveillance in Great Britain, 2018
  2. Bovine TB: surveillance in wildlife in England
  3. Bovine TB: incidence of TB in cattle in licenced badger control areas in 2013 to 2018
  4. Bovine TB: badger control policy value for money analysis
  5. Bovine TB: epidemiology reports, 2018
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Bovine TB: comment on supplementary badger control licence applications or expressions of interest March 2019
  2. Bovine TB: comment on badger control licence applications or expressions of interest June 2018
  3. Bovine TB: government badger control costs
  4. Advice to Natural England on setting minimum and maximum numbers of badgers to be controlled in 2019
  5. Bovine TB: summary of badger control monitoring during 2018
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Bovine TB: compensation value tables
  2. Information on bTB (Kimblewick Hunt)
  3. AHWBE: register of interests
  4. Bovine TB testing in cattle
  5. Culled badger numbers 1975 to 1998
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