Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for adults

2. DLA rates

The rate you get is made up of 2 components (parts). How much you get depends on how your disability or health condition affects you.

Care component

Care component Weekly rate Level of help you need
Lowest £22 Help for some of the day or with preparing cooked meals
Middle £55.65 Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, supervision at night or someone to help you while on dialysis
Highest £83.10 Help or supervision throughout both day and night, or you’re terminally ill

Mobility component

Mobility component Weekly rate Level of help you need
Lower £22 Guidance or supervision outdoors
Higher £58 You have any other, more severe, walking difficulty

How you’re paid

DLA is usually paid every 4 weeks.

All benefits, pensions and allowances are paid into an account, for example your bank account.

Extra help

You could get extra benefits if you get Disability Living Allowance - check with the Disability Service Centre or the office dealing with your benefit.

If you get DLA and you work, you might also be able to get the disability element of Working Tax Credit (up to £3,000 a year, or up to £4,290 if your disability is severe). Contact the tax credits helpline to find out.