Bristol Water plc price determination

Ofwat referred an appeal from Bristol Water plc to the CMA for a water price determination.

Administrative timetable

Date Action
3 November 2015 Deadline for determination to be sent by CMA to Ofwat
7 August 2015 Final deadline for representations
Early August 2015 Further main party hearings
10 July 2015 Publish provisional findings
15 June 2015 Deadline for representations before provisional findings
June 2015 Main party hearings
13 April 2015 Deadline for Bristol Water’s response to Ofwat’s reply
25 March 2015 Deadline for Ofwat’s reply to Bristol Water’s submission
11 March 2015 Deadline for submission from Bristol Water
4 March 2015 Reference made

Final determination

6 October 2015: Bristol Water will have to reduce the prices it charges customers to below those in its business plan.

Extension of price determination period

Responses to provisional findings

Provisional findings

10 July 2015: The CMA has provisionally found Bristol Water should reduce the prices it charges customers until 2020 to below those in the company’s business plan. The consultation has now closed.

Third party hearing summaries

Third party initial submissions

Main party submissions

Inquiry group appointed

11 March 2015: The CMA has appointed the inquiry group.

Inquiry Group: Anne Lambert (Chair of the group), Robin Aaronson, Katherine Holmes, Stephen Oram

Notice of reference

Reference decision

4 March 2015: Ofwat (The Water Services Regulation Authority) has referred an appeal from Bristol Water to the CMA for determination. This follows Bristol Water’s decision to reject Ofwat’s final determination on water price limits for the period 2015 to 2020.

Published 4 March 2015
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