Northern Ireland Electricity price determination

The Competition and Markets Authority has published the Competition Commission’s final determination on Northern Ireland Electricity Ltd’s price control conditions.

Administrative timetable

  • Originally published on the 20 August 2013, as required by Rule 6 of the Competition Commission Rules of Procedure. Revision published on the 16 October 2013.
Phase 2 Action
30 April 2013 Reference made, Regulator’s introductory submission
11 May Deadline for Statement of Case from NIE
15 May Staff meeting with NIE
21 May Staff meeting with Regulator
24 May Regulator’s reply to NIE Statement of Case
7 June NIE’s response to Regulator’s reply to Statement of Case
Mid June Presentation to Group by regulator & NIE in Northern Ireland
July Main party hearings
End October Deadline for representations before provisional findings
November Provisional findings published
Early December Deadline for responses to provisional findings
Mid December Further main party hearings
19 February 2014 Final deadline for representations
March 2014 Final determination sent by CC to Regulator
29 April 2014 Extended statutory deadline for final determination

Phase 2

Date of referral: 30.04.13 Statutory deadline: 29.04.14


Notice of correcting a clerical error in the Northern Ireland Electricity Price Redetermination

Published 22.04.14

Following publication of the Northern Ireland Electricity Price Determination – Final Determination on 15 April 2014, we are today publishing an amendment to it, to correct for a clerical error which has since come to our attention.

  • Paragraph 13.149 which at the end of the last sentence referred to an ERP of ‘5 to 6 per cent’ should correctly read ‘4 to 5 per cent’.

Final determination

Published 15.04.14

On 26 March the CC submitted its final determination (including appendices) in the Northern Ireland Electricity Ltd (NIE) price control inquiry to the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (UR) in accordance with Article 16(4) of the Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 (the Order). Pursuant to Article 16(5) of the Order, the UR shall send the CC’s report to the licence holder (NIE) and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland (DETI), and then publish the report, after allowing DETI no less than 14 days to make any necessary redactions.


Notes and summaries of hearings held with third parties

Initial submissions  

CC Commissioned research

Responses to the Provisional Determination

News releases

Core documents

Published 20 May 2014