High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge

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If your circumstances change

Your income changes

You will not have to pay the tax charge if your income for the whole of a tax year is less than £50,000.

You can choose to stop or restart your Child Benefit at any time. Use the Child Benefit tax calculator to get an estimate of your income changes to see if they may affect the tax charge.

You have a new child

Claiming Child Benefit helps you qualify for:

  • National Insurance credits, which protect your right to the State Pension
  • other benefits like Guardian’s Allowance

Child Benefit proves you (or your partner) support another child. You may pay less child maintenance for children not living with you.

You can make a new claim or just protect your entitlement to the above by:

A partner moves in or out

Your situation may change if your income is more than £50,000 and you move in or split up with someone who’s getting Child Benefit.

You’ll have to pay the tax charge if your income is more than £50,000 and higher than your new partner’s income. Your partner pays it if their income is higher.

The tax charge applies from the date you move in together to either the date you permanently separate or the Child Benefit stops - for example because the child is too old to qualify for it.

Short periods apart do not count as separation, for example a hospital stay or working away from home.