Benefit overpayments


Tell the office dealing with your benefit if:

  • you think you’re being overpaid
  • your circumstances change

You may have to pay back the benefit.

There’s a different process for tax credits overpayment.

You may be prosecuted for benefit fraud or have to pay a penalty if you do not tell benefit providers about overpayments.

This page is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

When to contact the benefit office

It’s your responsibility to contact the office straight away if:

  • you think you’ve been overpaid
  • you get a letter telling you that you’ve been overpaid - and who to contact
  • your circumstances change and this is likely to affect a benefit

When the benefit office will contact you

You might get a letter to let you know that you’ve been overpaid.

Contact the office dealing with your benefit within one month if you think it’s a mistake and you want to appeal the decision.

Housing Benefit paid directly to your landlord

Your landlord may be asked to repay the money if they’re responsible for an overpayment. You may have to repay if it was your fault.