Rail franchising

Information on each passenger rail franchise for bidders, passengers and stakeholders.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Rail franchising schedule
  2. East Midlands franchise 2018: invitation to tender
  3. South Eastern franchise 2017: invitation to tender
  4. Cross Country rail franchise 2018: prospectus
  5. Rail franchising: aims and expectations
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News and communications

  1. Rail update: Govia Thameslink Railway
  2. Rail Review
  3. Government announces 'root and branch' review of rail
  4. Delay repay compensation: letter to train operating companies about making prompt payments to rail passengers
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Research and statistics

  1. Southern Rail network: Gibb report
  2. Brown review of the rail franchising programme: supplement
  3. The Brown review of the rail franchising programme
  4. Report of the Laidlaw inquiry
  5. The Laidlaw Inquiry into the InterCity West Coast Franchise: interim report
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. TransPennine Express 2015 rail franchise agreement
  2. West Coast 2018 rail franchise agreement
  3. Chiltern 2002 rail franchise agreement
  4. East Midlands 2015 rail franchise agreement
  5. West Midlands 2016 rail franchise agreement
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Train operating companies: Passenger’s Charter compensation
  2. Rail franchises: operational performance figures and benchmarks
  3. Rail subsidy per passenger mile
  4. Northern and TransPennine Express: proposed yearly premium payments
  5. Train operating companies: passenger charter compensation between 2009 to 2015
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