Rail accidents and serious incidents

Investigation into rail accidents and serious incidents.


  1. Report an accident or incident

    Use form RAIB N1 to report details of an accident or incident involving railway staff

  2. Monthly bulk notification form

    Use form RAIB N2 to complete your monthly return

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Guidance and regulation

  1. RAIB's response to accident and incident notification
  2. Your witness statement - Leaflet 02
  3. A quick guide to notifying accidents and incidents on UK railways
  4. Information for family members - Leaflet 06
  5. An introduction to the RAIB - Leaflet 01
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News and communications

  1. Fatal accident, Twerton
  2. Near miss with a track worker, Gatwick
  3. Collision between a car and tram, Sheffield
  4. Near miss with track workers at Sundon
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Research and statistics

  1. Rail accidents and safety (RAI05)
  2. Urgent Safety Advice 03/2018: Driver awareness of emergency speed restrictions
  3. 2nd Rail Accident Investigators Seminar
  4. Safety digest 12/2018: Bitton
  5. Safety digest 11/2018: Dundee
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. MoU between RAIB and RSSB
  2. MoU between RAIB and CFOA
  3. MOU between the AIBs and the CPS
  4. MOU between RAIB, COPFS, BTP, ACPO(S), and ORR
  5. MOU between RAIB, BTP, NPCC and ORR
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Report 20/2018: Near miss at South Hampstead
  2. Report 19/2018: Collision at London Waterloo
  3. Report 18/2018: Runaway hand trolley at Ramsbottom
  4. Updating of RAIB report 18/2017, Sandilands junction
  5. Safey digest 12/2018: Bitton
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