Employment of seafarers

Seafarer employment agreements, recruitment and placement reguations, minimum age and wage regulations.


  1. Application for a discharge book, British seaman's card (MSF 4509)

    Application for a discharge book and or British seaman's card.

  2. Yacht training record book (TRB)

    Training record book for yacht ratings and officers in charge of a navigational watch, yachts less than 3000 GT.

  3. How to apply for a Letter of Initial Assessment

    MSF 4352: for a Letter of Initial Assessment (LIA) leading to the issue of a Notice of Eligibility for Engineers.

  1. Occupational disease report form for UK registered merchant ships

    Employers of seafarers on UK ships to submit this form when seafarers are diagnosed by a medical practitioner with an occupational disease.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Seafarer medical certificates

    Get a medical certificate to work at sea - ENG 1 or ML5 medical certificates, how much they cost, how to apply

  2. Get a seaman's discharge book or British seaman's card

    Information about who needs a seaman's discharge book and a British seaman's card

  3. Online UK coc/cec checker
  1. MGN 477 Seafarers' Employment Agreements
  2. Seafarer working and living rights

    Information about seafarer working and living rights - working conditions, conditions of employment, safe working practices, living conditions, dangerous cargo, health and medical care, maritime labour convention, human element

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News and communications

  1. Seafarers and the Equality Act 2010
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Policy and engagement

  1. Repatriation of seafarers on sea-going ships regulations
  2. Merchant shipping minimum age regulations
  3. Employment agreements for seafarers on UK sea-going ships
  1. Merchant shipping (hours of work) regulations 2002 and amendments
  2. Merchant shipping recruitment and placement regulations
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