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Work on the Transformation Programme's exemplar project has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated. Visit the Digital Transformation page for the latest information.

Exemplar number 16 Digital Self Assessment

Making Self Assessment fully digital for 10 million people


  • Passed live Digital by Default Standard Assessment
  • Service released to the public


  • Adapting current HMRC methods to agile development


  • Add user support features to the service
  • Add information to the service about liabilities and payments
Screenshot of Email reminder service beta, December 2013.
Email reminder service beta, December 2013.

Digital strategy statement

Improving our web-based guidance and digital communications to ensure they are tailored and interactive, including the ability for customers to report changes digitally. Eliminating outbound paper communications for those customers who are already dealing with us online. Expanding the SA offering to those customers who do not currently file online. Extending the current digital service to include increasing the number of payments we make digitally.

Scope of exemplar

The new digital Self Assessment exemplar service will allow users to opt out of receiving paper statements and receive digital alerts instead. Like all the HMRC exemplar services, it will be built on the new digital tax platform. The aim is for this exemplar service to save HMRC £800,000 this year by: - persuading 1.3 million customers to opt into the service - putting an end to 2.5 million letters - reducing the number of phone calls placed by 63,000

Digital inclusion

GDS has mapped the exemplars against the digital inclusion scale to help show where these services may be difficult for some people to use. See the rating for Digital self-assessment.