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Exemplar number 8 Rural payments

105,000 rural payments every year


In beta.


  • Beta released. To date, over 75,000 farmers and agents have registered onto the rural payments service, checked and confirmed their personal and business details.


  • Deployment quality and service performance. Due to the fixed nature of the EU deadline for claim submission, contingency plans are in place to enable farmers and agents to submit their claims in time.


Screenshot of Alpha of the mapping tool
Alpha of the mapping tool

Digital strategy statement

…a fundamental end-to-end redesign of the whole process, introducing a single IT solution with digital delivery as a core design principle.

Scope of exemplar

A new digital service to implement the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in England.

The new service will bring together systems and processes currently managed by four organisations; Defra, Rural Payments Agency, Forestry Commission and Natural England.

This simple and effective system will make it easy for users to understand and apply for CAP payments. It will help prevent fines (‘disallowance’) for making payments that don’t comply with CAP rules (~£600m since 2005 ).

Digital inclusion

GDS has mapped the exemplars against the digital inclusion scale to help show where these services may be difficult for some people to use. See the rating for Rural payments.