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Exemplar number 25 Lasting power of attorney

300,000 applications each year


Service is live and being continuously improved and expanded.

Watch a demo introducing the service, filmed July 2013. Watch an update showing changes to the beta service since its release, filmed December 2013 Watch a demo of some new features, filmed January 2014


  • Very positive feedback from users of the service
  • Service named runner-up in Civil Service Awards
  • Reduction in error rates moving from paper-based to digital service
  • Service performance measured and published
  • 90% of digital users paying online
  • First exemplar to pass the live Digital by Default Service Standard assessment
  • Live service released with an average user satisfaction rating of 90%
  • Full, permanent Civil Servant service management team now in place


  • Agency-wide digital transformation to allow the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) to be a digital exemplar
  • Building support models for new digital services


  • Continue to improve and expand the service
  • Back office case management system scheduled for Digital by Default Service Standard assessment in November

Live service performance

Digital take-up

Proportion of applications made using the digital service

Proportion of applications made using the digital service

User satisfaction

Completion rate

Proportion of users who start and complete their application using the digital service

Proportion of users who start and complete their application using the digital service

Digital strategy statement

End-to-end digital transformation of the Office for the Public Guardian: this includes applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney by April 2013 and deputyships during 2013-14, and the processes that support them.

Scope of exemplar

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) allows people to appoint a person or persons to take decisions for them if they lose mental capacity. There are 2 types of LPA - property & finance, and health & welfare. The present system is paper based and inefficient. The transformation aims to put it online for the first time, cut costs and improve speed and accuracy.

OPG’s aim is to encourage more people to plan ahead for an uncertain future by making LPAs easier and quicker to create thus allowing citizens to choose for themselves who they would want to be making decisions on their behalf were they to lose capacity. This could also potentially mean fewer expensive applications to the Court of Protection, who would need to step in and appoint someone to manage a person’s affairs if they hadn’t put an LPA in place.

Digital inclusion

GDS has mapped the exemplars against the digital inclusion scale to help show where these services may be difficult for some people to use. See the mapping for Lasting power of attorney.