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Work on the Transformation Programme's exemplar project has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated. Visit the Digital Transformation page for the latest information.

Exemplar number 5 Land Registry

30 million transactions a year handled by the Land Registry


In beta development. The service will use the lessons from the recent Land Registry concept.


  • Land Registry and GDS developed a concept showing how a digital service could look
  • Land Registry and GDS employees have worked together as one team to build an alpha
  • Passed alpha Digital by Default Service Standard assessment in October 2014


  • Split location with development team based in Plymouth means lost development time due to travel, amplified by many people on annual leave


  • Develop the beta service
  • Continue user research throughout the beta phase
  • Programme planning for digital change inside the agency
Screenshot of Property details page
Property details page

Digital strategy statement

Home buyers and business intermediaries will be able to search for, gain data on and register property in the UK, without the need for the delays inherent in current paper based systems.