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Work on the Transformation Programme's exemplar project has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated. Visit the Digital Transformation page for the latest information.

Exemplar number 17 Your tax account

Easy to use online tax dashboard for small to medium enterprises - currently 5.2m.


Successfully undertaken its live Digital by Default Standard Assessment. This service is being built alongside exemplar 15: PAYE for employees and exemplar 16: Digital Self Assessment.


  • Passed beta Digital by Default Service Standard assessment


  • Seamlessly integrating a broad range of services within YTA


  • Enhance personalisation of user support
  • Increase functionality within core service
  • Scale the service to handle 5.2 million users
Screenshot of Screenshot of beta service, December 2013.
Screenshot of beta service, December 2013.

Digital strategy statement

a joined up experience for small and medium business customers, giving them the ability to perform a number of transactions with the department in a single place

Scope of exemplar

The aim of this service is to make filing tax easier for small to medium enterprises businesses. It is estimated this can save these businesses between as much as £17 million and £25 million next year. This service will provide improved tools and a tax dashboard for small businesses. Like all HMRC exemplar services, it will be built on the new digital tax platform.

Digital inclusion

GDS has mapped the exemplars against the digital inclusion scale to help show where these services may be difficult for some people to use. See the rating for Your tax account.