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Exemplar number 6 Student finance

Supporting 1.3 million people using student finance services


Service is live for part-time student loan applications and is being expanded to include applications for full-time and Advanced Learning loans.


  • More than 1 million digital applications for full-time students (academic year 2014 / 2015) were made using the publicly available beta service service between January and September 2014
  • Service delivery team awarded TechExcel Best Agile Project at the European Testing Awards
  • Courses Management Service launched in October 2014, for 700+ Higher Education Institutions to create a single source of funded course information


  • Incorporating service manager roles within the organisation’s transformation programme
  • Current hosting won’t meet the future needs of the service, and upgrading is taking longer than expected


  • Rebuild the core service based on user feedback to include additional products
  • Continuously improve the applications to achieve even higher levels of completion and user satisfaction
  • Create a performance platform for public-facing real-time information about the service
  • Continue work on core banking platform for loans and grants
  • Release 24+ Advanced Learning loan applications service
  • Release full-time student applications service
Screenshot of Full-time student finance application 2014-15
Full-time student finance application 2014-15

Live service performance

Digital take-up

Applications made using the digital service

Applications made using the digital service

User satisfaction

Scope of exemplar

The Student Loans Company are planning a major upgrade of their systems to deliver services that are simple, transparent and user-friendly.

The transformation programme will modernise and provide resilient systems in order to deliver the government’s higher education reform programme and better meet the needs of users.

New online application process for loan products such as full-time, part-time and 24+ Advanced Learning Loans have already been released.

Digital inclusion

GDS has mapped the exemplars against the digital inclusion scale to help show where these services may be difficult for some people to use. See rating for Student finance.