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Work on the Transformation Programme's exemplar project has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated. Visit the Digital Transformation page for the latest information.

Digital Transformation

Government is building digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. We’re starting with these 25 services.

Current status

The transformation programme

Digital services so good people prefer to use them

The Government Digital Strategy and departmental digital strategies commit us to the redesigning and rebuilding of 25 significant ‘exemplar’ services. We’re going to make them simpler, clearer and faster to use. All these are to meet the Digital By Default Service Standard that was introduced in April 2014 and be accessible to the public by March 2015.

This dashboard shows you which transactions are in the programme, what progress is being made, and the estimated scale of the digital service.

You can read more about the transformation programme on our blog.


A quick look at Carer’s Allowance, which went live in November 2014:

The exemplars

Exemplar Description Anticipated service volume Responsible department

Register to vote Live

A digital service to make registering to vote simpler, clearer and faster

37m Confirmed on the new electoral register in first year

Find an apprenticeship live

If you want to advertise or apply for an apprenticeship you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily online

1.8m Applications a year

Redundancy payments Beta Public

If your company has recently become insolvent you’ll be able to apply for redundancy payment online

270k Transactions a year

Renew a patent live

If you want to renew a patent you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily online

380k Renewals a year

Land Registry beta

A digital-first service that will support buying or selling a house


Student finance live

If you have, or are applying for, student loans and grants you’ll be able to manage them using an improved online service

1.3m Students supported

Waste carrier registration Beta Public

You can register as a waste carrier using this quick and easy online service

100k Registrations in first year

Rural payments beta

You’ll be able to submit accurate and verifiable information online about how you use your land, so you can claim subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy

105k Transactions a year

View driving licence live

If you’re a driver you’ll be able to view information from your record, including what vehicles you can drive and any penalty points and disqualifications.

6m Driver enquiries a year

Personalised registrations Beta Public

If you want to transfer or apply for a number plate you’ll be able do it online, without having to visit a DVLA office

1.6m Transactions a year

Vehicle management Beta Public

If you want to transfer ownership of a car you’ll be able to do it yourself online or using an intermediary

18m Transactions every year

Carer’s Allowance live

If you’re a carer you’ll be able to apply for financial help from government using a simple online service

3.2m Carers in the UK

Claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Alpha

If you’re applying for financial help from government for living with disabilities there’ll be a simple digital service for you to use

2m People supported

Universal Credit beta

Universal Credit will roll 6 benefits and tax credits into 1 to simplify the system and ensure people are better off in work

10m Adults supported

PAYE for employees live

If you want to check or update your PAYE status you’ll be able to do it online, and see the effect on the tax you pay

41m Registered PAYE employees

Digital Self Assessment live

If you’re registered for Self Assessment you’ll be able to manage your tax with a fully digital service, without any more confusing paper correspondence

10m Registered for Self Assessment

Your tax account live

If you run a business you’ll be able to check how much tax you owe, learn about what you can and can’t claim, and pay your tax — all in one place

5.2m Small to medium enterprises

Agent Online Self Serve beta

If you’re a tax agent you’ll be able to fully manage your clients’ tax with a simple online service

43k Agent firms

Registered Traveller Service live

If you’re an eligible, frequent traveller to the UK you’ll be able to easily apply to use e-passport gates, cutting time queuing at airports

1m Journeys per year within 5 years

Passports beta

If you need to renew your passport you’ll be able to do it using a simple online service


Visas live

If you need a visa to visit the UK you’ll be able to apply using a simple online service

3.4m Visas issued a year

Civil claims live

Saving people money and hassle by creating a digital service for small claims, including money and possession claims


Make a claim to an employment tribunal live

If you’re lodging an appeal to an employment tribunal you’ll be able to apply and pay the accompanying fee online

200k Transactions per year

Prison visit booking live

If you’re visiting a prison you’ll be able to book using a single service, offering a simpler, faster experience for families, friends and professionals

1.5m Visits per year

Lasting power of attorney live

If you’re making a lasting power of attorney, it’ll be easier using a simple online service, helping people to plan ahead for an uncertain future

300k Applications a year