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  1. Permanent grassland assessment form: Countryside Stewardship

    For farmers and land managers to assess if land is eligible for permanent grassland options GS2, GS5, GS6 or OT2.

  2. Wood packaging goods for import and export

    Requirements for solid wood packaging used to import or export goods

  3. Capital grant application form: Countryside Stewardship

    Applicants should use the capital grant form and relevant annex to apply for a grant for capital items for hedgerows and boundaries, or woodland support schemes.

  4. Phytosanitary certificate (England, Scotland & Wales)

    You may need a phytosanitary certificate if you export certain goods to countries outside of the European Union (EU)

  5. Livestock record-keeping: Countryside Stewardship

    Find out what livestock records Countryside Stewardship agreement holders need to keep.

  6. Urban Tree Challenge Fund application form

    Use this form to apply for capital funding for urban tree planting and establishment under the Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

  7. Check evidence and record keeping requirements: Countryside Stewardship

    A tool to help farmers and land managers check they can meet the requirements for Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers before they apply.

  8. Urban Tree Challenge Fund expression of interest form

    Use this form to notify the Forestry Commission that you are interested in applying for the Urban Tree Challenge Fund in year 2 of the fund (2020/2021).

  9. Land ownership and control form: Countryside Stewardship

    Use this form for applications where the applicant does not have management control over all or part of the land for the full length of a potential agreement.

  10. Runoff and soil erosion risk assessment: Countryside Stewardship

    Form for applicants to help you complete a Farm Environment Record (FER) by assessing runoff and soil erosion risks on your land.

  11. Apply for a phytosanitary certificate

    Apply for phytosanitary certificates from the Forestry Commission.

  12. Protecting rural landscapes and features

    Farmers and rural landowners must help protect the rural landscape - available funding, cross compliance, hedgerows, watercourses, woodland, stone walls, monuments

  13. Building wildlife assessment: Countryside Stewardship

    Use this assessment form for Countryside Stewardship applications or agreements that include HS1 or HS8 options.

  14. Forestry Commission agent authority form: legacy grants and felling licences

    Use this form to tell the Forestry Commission that you give an agent or representative authority to submit an application or manage an agreement on your behalf.

  15. Map request form: Forestry Commission

    Use this 2-page form to generate a standard map for inclusion in grant, funding and felling licence applications.

  16. Forestry Commission agent authority form: non RDPE

    Use this form to tell the Forestry Commission that you give an agent or representative authority to submit an application or manage an agreement on your behalf.

  17. Farm visit evaluation: Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship

    Agreement holders with the education access option should submit an evaluation form for each visit to their farm.

  18. Building maintenance plan and log: Countryside Stewardship

    Use this form to identify maintenance work and show work undertaken on traditional farm buildings as part of a Countryside Stewardship agreement.

  19. Notice of landing form

    You or your appointed import agent must complete a Notice of landing form, which will allow you to arrange a timber import inspection if necessary.

  20. Minor and temporary adjustment (MTA) form: Countryside Stewardship

    Form for Countryside Stewardship (CS) agreement holders to request a minor and temporary adjustment to the requirements for the options in their agreement.