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Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

  1. Skin creams dried on fabric can lead to fire deaths

    A new campaign to raise awareness of the fire risk and the precautions that need to be taken by users of skin creams has been launched today

  2. New synthetic datasets to assist COVID-19 and cardiovascular research

    Ground-breaking innovation to support medical technologies

  3. Medical Device “Certificates of Compliance” / “Attestation of Conformity” have no legal standing under UK Medical Device Regulations 2002

    The MHRA is aware of certificates being issued by certification bodies headed “certificates of compliance” or “Attestation of Compliance”.

  4. MHRA response statement to IMMDS Review report publication

    Today’s publication of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review is of profound importance for the MHRA, since the safety of the public is our first priority.

  5. Don’t rely on temperature screening products for detection of coronavirus (COVID-19), says MHRA

    Warning that thermal cameras and other such “temperature screening” products, some of which make direct claims to screen for COVID-19, are not a reliable way to detect if people have the virus.

  6. Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine not licensed for coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment

    Recent media reports have suggested that chloroquine can protect patients from coronavirus or treat COVID-19, the illness caused by a coronavirus.

  7. Green light for COVID-19 trial recruitment

    The MHRA has approved the recruitment of further participants for a clinical trial by the University of Oxford

  8. MHRA suspends recruitment to COVID-19 hydroxychloroquine trials

    The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has instructed UK clinical trialists using hydroxychloroquine to treat or prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) to suspend recruitment of further participants.

  9. David Noakes: Judge orders seizure of £1.4 million

    A convicted fugitive faces the confiscation of £1.4 million in prime assets by the Crown, following a hearing at Southwark Crown Court today.

  10. Action taken to halt sales of fingerprick coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody testing kits

    Anyone supplying these types of tests should temporarily stop this service.

  11. MHRA issues a scientific opinion for the first medicine to treat COVID-19 in the UK

    MHRA has today given the first positive scientific opinion under the Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS) for use of Gilead’s remdesivir.

  12. Patients informed to exchange Emerade 500 micrograms adrenaline pens for a different brand

    Allergy patients who carry Emerade 500 microgram adrenaline auto-injector pens should contact their prescriber and seek replacement pens of a different brand.

  13. Applications invited for the role of Chair of the MHRA

    Ministers are seeking to appoint a Chair of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

  14. Senior Enforcement Advisor at UK Medicines Regulator warns against purchasing fake or unlicensed coronavirus (COVID-19) medicines

    Lynda Scammell, Senior Enforcement Advisor at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today warned the public about medicines and other medical products being sold online claiming to treat or prevent C…

  15. New reagent available to support global diagnostic testing of coronavirus (COVID-19)

    A new biological reagent is now available to labs around the UK and the world that will help them to set up and develop accurate diagnostic tests for coronavirus (COVID-19).

  16. Coronavirus: new website for reporting medicines side effects and equipment incidents

    A new online reporting site, dedicated to reporting any suspected side effects from medicines, future vaccines and incidents involving medical equipment relating to COVID-19 treatment, has today been launched.

  17. MHRA approves COVID-19 vaccine trial in 7 working days

    We are prioritising and giving tailored scientific advice for potential treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19).

  18. Commission on Human Medicines advice on ibuprofen and coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Expert Working Group concludes there is currently insufficient evidence to establish a link between use of ibuprofen and susceptibility to contracting COVID-19 or the worsening of its symptoms.

  19. Patients informed to exchange Emerade 300 micrograms adrenaline pens for replacement pens of a different brand

    Allergy patients who carry Emerade 300 microgram adrenaline auto-injector pens should contact their prescriber and seek replacement pens of a different brand.

  20. Birmingham pair given suspended prison sentences for selling medicines online illegally

    A man and a woman who sold breast cancer and erectile dysfunction medicines illegally online appeared at Birmingham Crown Court.